Photon Max WiFi Support:

If your Tata Photon Max Wi Fi data card displays any of the conditions, please refer to the following table -

Common Problems Troubleshooting Steps
Cannot automatically install the driver & Web GUI the first time The computer may not have opened the Auto Run function. Please go to "My Computer"->CD Rom with name "Tata Photon Wifi", open it and run the autorun.exe manually.
Cannot install driver successfully Please try to uninstall it and then install it again.
Cannot find the device by Web GUI Please check whether it can find the device from Device Manager. If not, please check whether you can see the CD Tata Photon Wifi" from "My Computer". If so, then eject the CD.
Cannot search signal on Web GUI Please check whether the number you used is activated or not. Please contact operator whether the parameters are configured correctly.
Cannot connect to internet by Web GUI Please check whether it can search signal by We GUI first. Please check whether the Modem configuration of PC is ok or not.
Device is not detecting in MAC OS Please check the drivers (HuaweiDataCardDriver.kext) are present in the following path /System/Library/Extensions. If not present please reinstall the application.
Device is detecting in MAC OS, But not showing signal strength Please check with the operater if the device is activated or not
Insert T-Flash Card After Insert the T-Flash Card in the Device, Connect Device to Computer, you need to Install the Dialer and then Open "My computer" – Removable Disk.
microSD card is not recognized The card is not inserted correctly or is of the wrong size / format. Re-insert the card or try another microSD card and make sure the capacity and format is correct.
PC not able to detect Device Change to another USB Port or if the problem still exists, please contact local Operator
Firewall Security Alert appears during Connection Device must be allowed to connect through your firewall. Please contact the vendor of your firewall software In order to work correctly.
After restarting the computer, there is no signal indicated Please check if the Device is connected Properly, Check the Network Coverage or pull out the Device and reinsert the Device again.
End of Table


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